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Quora Marketing Strategy Guide for Your Business

For anyone that works in marketing, they will at some point look to grow their company’s exposure and reach a larger audience. I suggest a Quora marketing strategy for your business To do so, I can assure you that there’s no shortage of platforms to help achieve this goal. The challenge is deciding which platforms present the best opportunities for your brand. Regardless of which industry your business falls into, one of the best platforms today for expanding your reach is Quora. A Quora marketing strategy is what is best for your business. 

Quora works! Just ask Josh Fetcher who spent four months building 7,000 followers. It earned him 2k new members to his Facebook Group, and 3k leads to his email list. So many people flock to Quora to write countless posts and responses. Why do all that work, simple Quora works! So here is a guide on using a Quora marketing strategy for your business.  Including seven tips you can use to jump-start said Quora marketing strategy.

Quora Marketing Strategy: Why Should You Have a Quora Marketing Strategy?

1. Crown Your Brand as a Leader in Your Industry

Quora’s basic premise is simple. Users ask questions, and other users answer them. Yes, it is that simple. The range of topics is infinite. One could ask for parenting help or take a deep dive on publishing your book. Once a question is posed, experts answer. This fosters a great online community.  For example, even if you ask a simple question such as “What are some of the best horror movies?”, you can see that at least 1.8K users are following the question. This could be a great opportunity to find a community for your site if you own a horror site. 

quora marketing strategy

This type of community can help you secure your status in your field of work. Sticking with the horror website owner. Say you are selling horror movie memorabilia, Quora would be a great tool to give you the extra edge. Looking at the same post, you can see what movies users have said are the best of the best. That way, you can stay on top of what is in demand and drive up sales. This will position your company as a leader at the same time.

Just imagine if a top seller of horror movie memorabilia were to engage with Quora users? This will lead users to check out your site with the political to buy from you. This will push your company to the front line.  One could also answer questions. By answering a question that is highly relevant to this target audience, one would be able to establish themselves as an authority — then translate that authority into leads. Then the leads turn to sales, and that is the goal.

Quora Marketing Strategy: 2. Direct Traffic to Your Site

When you answer questions on Quora, you can include links to your sources and other relevant content. For example, take a look at this answer to the question, “How to sell your house by owner?”:

quora marketing strategy

This user answered the question and 104 other users voted the answer up. That is great, but it could be elevated by adding a link. If the user would have added a valid link that provided additional information, people will click the link to check it out! If users found his answer helpful and are interested in using the exact methods he recommends, there’s a chance they’ll click. And if you’re wondering if this approach is effective, take a look at This Online World’s referral traffic report after using Quora for three months.

quora marketing strategy

Quora Marketing Strategy: 3. Earn Mentions in Other Publications

If you’re lucky, your reach with Quora marketing can extend beyond the site’s user base. That’s because an increasing number of sites now source their content from Quora. For example, a site search of Forbes.com shows a ton of articles that originally appeared on the site, but let’s focus on one in particular: 

quora marketing strategy

This is so valuable!

Here, Forbes republished author Howard Yu’s full answer to the question, “What are some business trends you predict for the coming decade?” Howard was smart with his answer. He was sure that the answer included a link to his book’s website. This is a great way to get free exposure on a major site. When you consider how much it would typically cost to advertise on a site like Forbes, that’s a huge return for writing an answer on Quora, what a win.

 However, there must be consistent posts. As top writer Nicolas Cole explains, the only way to achieve this kind of success is to write on the platform consistently. In 2013, Nicolas decided to write one answer per day for the entire year. Yes, that is a lot of work, but just two weeks into this endeavor, he had an answer to get over 10,000 views for the first time. Within that same year, he’d been published in Inc Magazine, HuffPost, PopSugar, TIME, Forbes, and Fortune, and landed on the front page of Reddit.

In less than a year, he also earned top writer status and racked up several million views on his answers. So much exposure, but it took consistency and the key to a successful Quora marketing strategy! So, do not be fooled, this is not a “life hack” that will get you noticed by Forbes or any big publishers. It will take work and dedication, but you can start writing. Just stick to it. 

Quora Marketing Strategy: 7 Quora Marketing Tips

Quora has the potential and power to be a powerhouse of a marketing tool for your business. When done correctly, it can be one of your best sources of traffic and leads. Don’t just take my word for it, check out this Social Network Referrals report from Wishpond. With 9,872 sessions in just one month, Quora delivers the second-highest amount of social traffic — beaten only by Facebook. And the first step to achieving these kinds of results is simply getting started.

Fortunately, that doesn’t need to be difficult. As long as you’re comfortable writing about your industry and the subjects on which you have the experience, you’re ready to start answering questions. But if you want to make the most of your efforts on the platform, these seven Quora marketing tips can help:

1. Make the Most of Your Profile

Before you answer any questions, take the time to fully complete your profile. You want to stand out and seem legit.  As you do this, keep in mind that Quora includes the first 50 characters of your profile with each of your answers. So if you’re looking to grow your brand exposure, make sure to include your company’s name near the top.

For Example:

Bob Ruffolo of IMPACT uses his profile headline to mention both the company’s name and what they do. This is a smart move on his part and benefits his marketing strategy.  SO, whenever one of his answers appears in users’ feeds, they’ll immediately know he’s the CEO of an inbound marketing agency. This way, they’ll associate any value they receive in the answer with the IMPACT brand — and potentially seek more information about it.

Beyond that:

you’ll want to take advantage of the fact that Quora allows users to include links in their profiles. You can include links to other projects or social media. This can help you also gain a following. Having links to all of the projects you’re involved with online is great. So as you write your bio, remember to include links to your company’s site, your social accounts, and anywhere else you want to drive traffic.

Finally, fill out the “Credentials & Highlights” section. This section doesn’t need to be a complete rundown of your accomplishments but should include any education or experience that’s relevant to the types of questions you’ll be answering. This will draw users to you and make them feel as if you are validated. 

2. Add Relevant “Knows About” Topics

Although completing the “Knows About” section is technically part of filling out your profile, it serves a purpose beyond illustrating your qualifications. As the name implies, this section shows all of the topics you’re familiar with on your profile.

This will help users narrow in on your profile and build trust. The topics you include here can also help you find relevant questions to answer. When you edit this section, you can start by searching for keywords and topics related to your industry. Then, you’ll see how many users subscribe to each of those topics.

For example, take a look at the following results for the term “content marketing”: 

Content Marketing

In this case, just over 160,000 users subscribe to the topic. This means that if you were able to write a popular answer in this category, you could expect a fairly large reach. So, let’s say you opt to add this to your Knows About section. When you’re ready to write answers, you’ll see a list of popular questions directly related to the topic. This makes it easy to find questions in need of answers. And while you don’t necessarily need to focus solely on topics with lots of subscribers, writing a few answers on popular topics can help you gain exposure on the site.

3. Use Quora’s Ad Platform to Find Questions

If you’re willing to invest the time it takes to write useful answers, Quora can be a great way to drive traffic to your site. That said, it isn’t always easy to truly know how much traffic you can expect to generate by answering a question.

The platform offers a few tools that can assist you in making accurate estimations. It has been established that Quora is a leader and attracts so many users. So, they of course offer advertisements. These options can be extremely helpful for driving traffic from the platform.

As Aaron Doherty, WordStream’s Director of Lead Acquisition, explains:

I like Quora a lot. It’s a new source of intent. While AdWords is still the best source of high-intent leads, Quora is in the same ballpark. The fact that the content is user-generated, with answers occurring in real-time makes it an exciting place for marketers.

Now, you might not be in the position to start paying for campaigns. Don’t let that discourage you from making your Quora marketing dreams come true. You can take advantage of the site’s ad platform to find new questions and get a rough estimate of their potential.

First things first, you’ll need to create a Quora ad account, simple enough. Then you must set up a dummy campaign. Quora’s advertising platform lets companies target their ads in a few different ways. For research purposes, the most helpful of these is Question Targeting.

When you get to the targeting section of your campaign, select this option from the Primary Targeting tab.

Primary Targeting

From here, you’ll see a dialog box in which you can enter a list of keywords. Add a few keywords related to questions you’d like to answer. Then, you’ll see a list of questions on Quora, along with their average weekly views. If any of these questions were relevant to your experience and had a relatively high volume of weekly views, it would be a prime opportunity to write a new answer. In this case, you could click the link to go directly to that question — then either save it to a list for future use or get to work writing your answer immediately.

4. Select Questions That Are Relevant to Your Target Audience

Selecting a question to answer is crucial. It is easy to get caught up in which are most closely related to your expertise and interests. And if these characteristics are directly in line with your audience’s questions and needs, that is great! However, selecting the right questions often requires a bit more thought. That’s because when it comes down to it, the primary goal of any content marketing strategy is lead generation.

Writing a helpful, in-depth answer takes effort and time. And to make that time worth it, your marketing strategy needs to generate leads for your business. That can only happen if you’re answering the questions your target demographic is interested in. You might think, “Well yes, thank you Captain Obvious.”  But it’s important to keep in mind that your potential customers and clients likely ask different questions from other experts in your industry, you are not the only one. 

For example:

 let’s say you work in human resources. You’re likely qualified to answer complex questions about changes to employee relations, medical leave, and company policies. While your industry peers might find those answers interesting, you need to consider whether your potential clients would, too. After all, Quora isn’t about impressing your competitors and that does not help your Quora marketing strategy.

Yes, answering a few in-depth questions can help you establish your reputation within your industry on the platform. You must also be answering the kinds of questions your audience is asking, that’s unlikely to provide real value to your business. So, sticking with the human resources example, this means your time would likely be better spent answering simple questions on subjects like recruiting and benefits.

While these answers may not do as much to highlight your expertise, they’ll be much more effective at getting your company in front of potential clients. With that ultimately comes having a much more significant impact on moving closer to your digital marketing goals like lead generation. So before you spend time writing an answer, make sure that the question has the potential to drive the kinds of results you want.

That’s why you should look for the following six attributes when evaluating questions:
  • 7:1 ratio of followers to the number of answers provided.
  • A lot of followers, but many bad answers.
  • A question that you can provide a personal image to complement.
  • An emotional pull. This pull makes it easier to write more genuine answers with thought-provoking stories.
  • Relevant to your bio offer.
  • A question with poorly-written answers making yours more likely to stand out.

Then, as you identify questions with these qualities, you can save them by selecting “Answer Later.”

quora marketing strategy

So, when you’re ready to answer questions, you’ll be able to select the ones that have the potential to deliver the best results. This gives you time to perfect your answer!

5. Writing Valuable Content Equals Successful Quora Marketing Strategy 

Much like with content marketing in general, you’ll only be successful on Quora if you provide value to your readers. So as you browse and use the site, remember that quality is much more important than quantity. Given the vast number of questions users have already asked, it can be tempting to write as many answers as you possibly can.

If you think that answering questions just to toss in a link to your company is the way to go about this, you are wrong. When it comes down to it, there’s already a lot of content on Quora. Unless you’re an expert in a niche industry, there’s likely a wealth of answers to all of the most popular questions related to the topics you want to write about.

So with that in mind, it’s simply not worth your time to write surface-level content. This will not help your marketing strategy. Instead, focus on one question at a time, and start by taking a look at the existing answers. Your goal here should always be to add something new to the conversation. If you are just re-stating what someone else has said, no one will find your answer helpful and they might even ignore it altogether. Why not search for a low answered question? Once you’ve found a question that has few answers, or a new angle on a popular question, it’s time to start writing.

If you’re new to Quora, this might be intimidating, that’s understandable. So if you’re not sure where to get started, it’s a good idea to spend some time browsing popular answers related to the topics you want to write about. View the product before you use it.  This will give you an idea of the style and formatting other users like. And while you’re by no means obligated to use the same approach as other writers, having a general sense of what’s expected can make it easier to get started. You got this!

6. Incorporate Links Where They Make Sense

Again, it is not the best idea to throw your link into random parts of your answers. We are grateful that Quora allows us to incorporate links. For marketers looking to drive traffic to their sites, this presents a huge opportunity. But to get users to visit your site, you need to be strategic with link placement.

For example, going back to working in human resources, you might answer a question about medical leave. It would be helpful to insert a link to the government site that breaks down medical leave. It would seem out of place if you put a link to your favorite company that sells socks. This will leave users confused and not willing to value your answer. 

So as you look for ways to add links to your answers, it’s a good idea to think beyond your homepage or conversion-focused pages. After all, Quora’s users come to the site looking for information — and not necessarily for new products and services. So in most cases, they won’t just click a link to your company’s website if you’re not offering additional content related to their interests. This means that you’re likely to see more traffic from the platform if you focus on linking to informational pages.

As a side note, when you add links, it’s also a good idea to include UTM parameters to monitor your results. If you use Google Analytics to track and measure campaign success, you’re likely already familiar with these URL parameters — and using them to track your results with Quora is simple. Google Analytics will already show you Quora as the network referral, but if you want to narrow this down further you can use UTM parameters.

Taking a few extra seconds to add these to the links in your answers will make it easy to determine whether your answers are driving traffic to your site — and whether it’s making an impact on your marketing goals.

7. Suggest Edits to Top Answers

In addition to writing your answers, there are other functions such as bookmarking, thanking users, reporting, and even suggesting an edit. Let us focus on suggesting edits.  Simply scroll to the bottom of an existing answer, and click the “Suggest Edits” button.

Suggest Edits on quora

This will open the answer in a text editor, giving you the ability to edit it however you see fit. It’s important to note, though, that you can’t simply change another user’s answer without their permission — so any edits you make will first get sent to them for approval.

In Theory:

The advantage of this approach isn’t difficult to see. Top answers to popular questions tend to attract lots of views, so getting a link to your site in one of them would be an easy way to attract traffic. On the other hand, you can imagine, getting another writer to accept your edits (and include your link) can be challenging. After all, if their answer is already popular on its own, there’s little incentive to update or change it — especially if the only reason for the change is so that another user can benefit from their work. 

So if you attempt to use this strategy, make sure that your edits genuinely add value to the user’s answer. Elaborate on a point, support their claim, or fill an information gap in a way that makes their response more convincing or compelling. This seems like you kind of have to sell yourself and your ideas to them and in a way you do. If you intend to add a link, use it as a source for the content you’ve added.

Nevertheless, only do this if the link actually contains supporting information. Most Quora writers will see right through any attempts to add irrelevant links — and doing this too many times won’t do your reputation on the platform any favors.

Summary- Quora Marketing Strategy Works

Quora can be such a valuable addition to any company’s marketing strategy. Yes, there are many tips and tricks you can use to improve your results, but the key to success is staying in line with the platform’s primary goal to serve as a helpful resource. Don’t go answer crazy and start spamming Quora or you could get permanently banned, that is not good. It’s important to find a good balance when contributing content on third-party platforms versus your own website. Remember, sadly, you no longer own the content when you post it to Quora.

As with many digital marketing strategies today, you need to approach Quora with the goal of providing real value to your audience. To do this, you’ll need to:
  • Aim to help your audience better understand your industry, learn more about the topics they’re interested in, and accomplish their goals.
  • Write consistently.
  • Fully utilize your profile to tell users who you are and why they should trust you.
  • Spend time choosing questions that have the potential to reach the right audience and drive traffic to your site.
  • Incorporate links where they make sense, and with a context that tells readers why they should click.

If you follow this guide,  you’ll be more effective at establishing the type of reputation you want on the site. You will be more likely to generate real results with your efforts. Plus, be sure to check out our other post, you never know what will help you!  So with all that in mind, it’s time to get started! And if there are any other tactics or strategies you’ve found particularly effective on Quora, especially when using marketing strategies, let us know in the comments below! Good luck!

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